Bad Attitude Gym is a hardcore powerlifting gym with the goal of producing Elite lifters.

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Phillip Wylie

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If you are interested in joining the team please e-mail us using the contact page. All are invited, but not everyone can stay. We train M, W, F, at 6:00 pm and Sunday at 1:30 pm. You are expected to make EVERY workout either with us or at another facility due to commute time or travel. You MUST compete either in powerlifting or another strength related sport to test your progress. We encourage lifters of all feds and all experience levels to join us.
Our commitment is to provide a safe training facility with only professional equipment. We stress lifter education and have learned from the best in the business.

Our experience is drawn from hours of training at many of the country’s most respected facilities with some of the top lifters in the world.

Tired of weeding your way thru punks flexing their air lats while adjusting their lifting gloves? Sick of bars that bend at 500lbs? If you’re getting a BA seeing geeks doing curls in the squat racks, then come join us.