Nickname: Rockman. Phil has the innate ability to “turn on” and do things under max loads that should lead to injury. No spatial awareness, no cognitive motor process, just execution.

Age: 41

Weight Class: 242

Lifter Classification: Elite

Best Competition Lifts - SQ 848.7 lbs, BP 523 lbs, DL 722 lbs, TOT 2005.6 lbs

Occupation: Information Security Analyst for First Horizon National Corporation.

Bio: This guy hasn’t let serious medical conditions slow him down. A former professional wrestler, Phil has a competitive background in strength related sports. He once wrestled a 750lb black bear. Phil won first powerlifting meet in 1984 as a high school senior with a 500lb SQ, 350lb (raw) BP, 450lb DL, and 1300lb TOT at a bodyweight of 210lbs.








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