Welcome to Bad Attitude Gym. Bad Attitude Gym is a hardcore powerlifting club located north of Dallas in Carrollton, Texas. The best training facilities in the country are located in private locations and BA Gym is no exception. BA started out as a garage gym by founder Sean Donegan. It outgrew its original home, relocating to a warehouse space allowing more equipment and more lifters. Sean’s extensive experience with over 30 top notch facilities around the country including Westside Barbell and the Olympic Training Center makes BA Gym the place to train. Developed from hours of classroom lecture and more importantly time under the bar, our programs are based on results. From Metal Militia to Progressive Evolution System, Sean has spent months educating himself along side WPO level lifters.

We have competed in and support every organization. It’s our feeling as a beginner you should try them all and find your niche. We support all lifters, pro and amateur, single and double ply. Good luck and we hope to see you on the platform!

Adam Korenke joined the ranks of the B.A.G. elite on Saturday, November 7 at the APF Texas Cup. Adam totaled elite in the 220lbs weight class weighing in at 214lbs. Adam's lifts were; 733lbs squat, 457lbs bench, 688lbs deadlift, for a total of 1878lbs.