Bad Attitude Gym is located in Carrollton, Texas just north of Dallas. It is the ONLY true hardcore facility in the greater North Dallas Area. Sean Donegan, the founder of BA Gym, was tired of the typical health club BS and decided he’d had enough. He started with the basics, envisioning a club where lifters could support each other in an environment similar to the many facilities he has visited throughout the country.
“I have been fortunate enough to train at many of the best powerlifting gyms in the country and could never figure out why a city as big as Dallas doesn’t have one. There are other facilities like Stroud’s and Metroflex in the D/FW area but they are just too far away. One day, I decided I would never meet my powerlifting goals if I didn’t do something. Every time I thought about going to the gym I would get a bad attitude. That’s where then name comes from.”

At BA Gym, the conjugate method is used with great success. We support an environment where every member stands for the goals of his teammates. Education, coaching, feedback, and full participation is expected of all.

How the Gym was Named

"I had just started training in the garage during early ’02. Before I left for IPA Worlds in August, one of my best friends, who does not compete, sent me a sign he made. It read ‘Donegan’s Bad Attitude Gym’. This was his way of supporting me with my vision and wishing me good luck. It was also confirmation that it had really happened and BA Gym was a real place. Thanks Greg Baker for everything."